The World Association of Cycling Events is Here

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There is a problem with most worldwide professional cycling organizations – in order to participate in any of their events, you will need to be a proven professional. Today, however, WACE is here to change that. In this article, we will discuss the mission of this association and how it is different than the others. Read on, and you might just get inspired to pick up a bicycle and start riding yourself!

The Origins of WACE

Initially established in the year 2015, WACE started overseeing some of the largest cycling events in the world. They are the Cycle Tour, Vatternunrnad, Etape du Tour, Five Boro Bike Tour, RideLondon, and Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma. The association has been specifically formed to promote those races not only to professionals around the world, but also enthusiasts who wish to participate as well.

Outstanding Numbers

In comparison to other organizations that organize “Grand Tour” cycling events, WACE is definitely the organization with the most participants all over the world. In fact, WACE has registered up to 200,000 participants from 90 countries – enthusiasts, amateurs, cycling professionals, and everyone who has the enthusiasm to participate. Below, we have explained in detail the different events hosted by WACE.

Gran Fondo Campagnolo Roma

This Italian-based race is known to be the largest cycling event in the world. With 1700m elevation gain throughout the whole ordeal, 95,000 riders are going to try and defeat the 120 kilometer-long route. Elite and professional players are allowed to participate only for promotional purposes, and this can happen only if they are invited by the event hosts. “In Bici ai Castelli”, everyone can participate, including people with electric bicycles.

Welcome to RideLondon

Also one of the most populated cycling events in the history, the “Prudential RideLondon” will feature more than 27,000 riders and will happen on the 29th of July 2018. First held in 2013, RideLondon was created by the Mayor of London in honor of the Olympic Games of 2012 which were held in the city. The proceeds of the event are known to raise millions of £, which are put to good causes. RideLondon is separated into 3 events – Grand Prix, Handcycle Classic, and Survey Classic.

TD Five Boro Bike Tour

This American event will see more than 32,000 riders this year, and it will take place on the streets of New York City. The course will be 40 miles long (or 60 kilometers) and will take place on the 6th of May. Prior to the race itself, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to attend a very special bike expo, where they will marvel at the latest technological advancements in the world of bicycles.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour

Moving to another continent straight away, WACE shifts its focus to an event held in Africa. Behold, the Cape Town Cycle Tour! With 35,000 participants, this event celebrated its 40th year in 2017. The 104-kilometer route shifts between wonderful coastline scenery, as well as hilly sections that provide some incline challenges. Over 2500 volunteers have been put in place by various organizations to make sure that everything went smoothly.

A Pure Goal

WACE officials realize that it is important that not only professionals get to experience what it is like to achieve something truly great. Although the races aren’t as long as those in other professional-class events, even passing 50 kilometers is nothing short of impressive for an amateur. One thing is for sure – the World Association of Cycling Events has managed to create a pass time that gives amateurs and professionals the opportunity to ride shoulder to shoulder.