What to Know Before Placing a Bet on Tour de France and Other Bicycle Races

how to bet successfully on cycling

Understand the Event Categories First

Grand Tour events (such as the Tour de France), are held over a period of time, while any other bicycle races are usually held on the same day. If the sporting event is defined as a multi-stage one, bear in mind that there will be different conditions under which participants will perform. The rule of thumb here is that the shorter the type of race is, the less complex it will be.

The Types of Participants

While using Tour de France as an example, we will explain the importance of knowing what types of riders you should expect. Usually, in world cycling competitions, different countries send an entire team to participate. What you might not know, however, is that every cyclist in that team has a specific role, strengths, and weaknesses. Understanding those will give you an edge when it comes to betting on a single individual.

The All-rounder rider is a balanced athlete that is able to withhold a steady pace throughout the entire race, whether the incline of the road is flat or uphill. The Sprinter is usually protected in the middle of the riders’ group so he can conserve energy until the “last stretch” before the finish line. “Puncheur” is a term reserved for the riders that excel at keeping a steady pace at short steep climbs. Climbers are the ones that are most successful on long steep hills.

Don’t Bet on the Domestique

The reason we’ve included the last type of rider in a different section is although they are vital for the cycling team, they are not meant to finish first in a race. Roughly translated as “supporter” the Domestique is the type of rider that carries water and food to the rest of the teammates that carry the race. They also help them with mechanical disasters and may sacrifice a part of, or their entire bicycle, so that the carry-rider will be able to continue without losing precious time.

Calculating Your Knowledge

If you see that the race is held on a mountain steep – the most logical bet to place is on a Climber. Should the race stage is comprised of short, steep hills, your safest bet would be on the Puncheur. Flat roads stages are perfect for the Sprinters, so you know what to do. Always make sure that you know the roles of every different rider, and what type of terrain or track awaits them!

Jersey Sports Markets

During multi-stage events, the winners of separate races are awarded a special colour Jersey, which signifies them as the leaders for the next stage. Different colour jerseys are awarded to cyclists based on the type of surface they’ve finished first on. Based on rider roles, punters may discover betting markets that try to predict the winning of a particular jersey.

Before You Place Your Bet

Rider body types, race variant, even bicycle brands, and specifications – when it comes to making a wager on any cycling race, make sure that you go through all of these details if you’re looking forward to making the safest bet possible. Even the smallest details can play a part in the outcome of your prediction, so make sure you know as much as a fan of the sport would!